thank you

There’s not much here. I would just wanted to thank everyone who have read my first ever blog entry. Char. I am happy to know that someone took time to read it.  Anyway, I will post my Coldplay Concert experience here. My gaaaaahd. Super ultra mega late. The concert happened back in April and I … More thank you

Open Letter to My Loves

“And when you redeem the love that is consumate, let us do it together again. Let’s experience love like we were not hurt and like it never broke us. But this time, let’s do it right. Let’s not fall in love this time. Everything falls, breaks. Let’s use the wings we used while we waited for your healing. Let’s fly in love, let us feel how amazing it is to be in love and be loved back, because that it is how is supposed to be. ” … More Open Letter to My Loves